“By creating a political toolkit for authoritarian movements, the American tech giants may be putting their own future at risk.”


“Given this scary state of the world, with ecological collapse just over the horizon, and a population sharpening its pitchforks, an important question is how this globalized, unaccountable tech industry sees its goals. What does it want? What will all the profits be invested in?

What is the plan?

The honest answer is: rocket ships and immortality.”

>> Notes From An Emergency

“I am against the promise of any claim to a ‘VR empathy machine’, and I am against it forever,” Yang recently wrote on his blog. “How do you know this is actually empathy you’re feeling? Do you really need to wear a VR headset in order to empathize with someone? Can’t you just fucking listen to them and believe them? You need to be entertained as well? Are you sure this isn’t about you?”

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Robert Yang Wants To Make VR ‘Obscenely Gay’

Everything that is wrong with…

Well…. Everything.


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