Finally unwrapped the DVD i had for years and watched Summer Wars…

Two track score by Woodkid + Nils Frahm for a short film i haven’t seen.


I want more video games like Philip K. Dick‘s inspired Californium. More games inspired _directly_ by PKD wouldn’t be bad, and more games with graphics like those of Californium either. I don’t mean literaly copiying by the art style, but the whole experience / narrative / story progression (for a lack of better word for now) was interesting to me, so… The same kind of experimentation.

The game wasn’t greatly optimized (which was a shame) and i know a lot of people couldn’t stand its gameplay but i was fine with it (once i could actually ran it, as it took me a few hours) and the gameplay was only rarely tricky and not “annoying” (as i heard) for me.

So: more of that kind of thing please.

PS: I should repost my old screenshots of it. (Perhaps later.)