Everything that is wrong with…

Well…. Everything.


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So, i don’t want to write too much about this (mostly WordPress stuff) because it would be too long & it’s so annoying it would bore me to death to get into the details about it.

Short-ishhhh version:

  1. I haven’t moved to another or new domain yet. Probably/perhaps soon.
  2. I haven’t moved away from WP yet either as you can see
  3. The “log” category is now hidden from the main index/page, and excluded from the feed. (Think of it as a sort of micro(b)logging thing, the posts that could be Tweets for instance, w/o limit of chars / could be pics, whatever. Just less “social-networky”; but as much worthless/disposable)
  4. The random “music” category/posts will probably be hidden from the main page and feed too. Or at least from the feed.
  5. I will continue to fine-tune/figure these things out as i (some other day) clean-up/reorganize categories & misc stuff
  6. I might still move away from WP & I still have two static site generators to test. (That could happen anytime during the… hm…. next 10 years,  or something.)

Ok, sorry.

(I rewatched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and (as unrelated as it is) i still enjoyed it way more than Your Name…)

There’re already dozens & dozens of covers on Youtube [Of course…] of the song used in that ‘reveal trailer’ of The Last of US: Part 2 since it was released already hm, some months ago… (was already covered in the trailer as it’s sung by a character)


Some of these covers even go further toward the trailer recreation.

Etc. Etc.

(Yeah… there are also fan remade trailers…
// Although that original trailer made me laugh out loud when i first seen it on the day of the reveal.)