So, i don’t want to write too much about this (mostly WordPress stuff) because it would be too long & it’s so annoying it would bore me to death to get into the details about it.

Short-ishhhh version:

  1. I haven’t moved to another or new domain yet. Probably/perhaps soon.
  2. I haven’t moved away from WP yet either as you can see
  3. The “log” category is now hidden from the main index/page, and excluded from the feed. (Think of it as a sort of micro(b)logging thing, the posts that could be Tweets for instance, w/o limit of chars / could be pics, whatever. Just less “social-networky”; but as much worthless/disposable)
  4. The random “music” category/posts will probably be hidden from the main page and feed too. Or at least from the feed.
  5. I will continue to fine-tune/figure these things out as i (some other day) clean-up/reorganize categories & misc stuff
  6. I might still move away from WP & I still have two static site generators to test. (That could happen anytime during the… hm…. next 10 years,  or something.)

Ok, sorry.