David Sylvian’s lyrics in Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum Crisis, episode 4 “Revenge Road”, 1988-07-24.

The lyrics appear on a computer screen.

They are from the first two tracks of the 1987 album “Secrets of The Beehive”, some of the lines from the first track, “September”, then half of the lyrics of the second song, “The Boy With The Gun.

Capture de 4 Revenge Road.mkv - 1.png

“He knows well his wicked ways
A course of bitterness
A grudge held from his childhood days
As if life had loved him less
Reading down his list of names
He ticks them one by one
He points the barrel at the sky
Firing shots off at the sun

I am the law and I am the King
I am the wisdom, listen to me sing

He carves out the victim’s names
In the wooden butt of the gun
He leans well back against the tree
He knows his Kingdom’s come
He’ll breath a sigh self satisfied