Pebble screen “glitches” / screen tearing — fix

When i bought my not-so-smart Pebble Classic watch in January, the glitches appeared perhaps only two or three weeks later, i first thought it was a software issue but someone quickly told me it was a hardware defect and that Pebble would replace my watch…

The problem wasn’t very bad (i actually found the glitches kind of cute) and it didn’t even occur to me it could/would get worse. Of course it got worse. I could have had my Pebble Classic replaced any time this year, but this particular year… i just never had time to take care of this kind of thing (I seriously kind of got enough of having to deal with customer supports lately.) ; I was planning to get it replaced this month of December.

Just when Pebble closed its business and some of its assets were bought by Fitbit and any warranty disappeared. Oh great.

i had *NO IDEA* how widespread this screen tearing problem was… particularly for the Pebble Classic ; but it also affects other models.

And of course i had no idea either what was exactly the problem until i read a 1 line post about it by chance recently. (It’s the screen connector getting a little loose / you can just use whatever you want to put some ‘pressure’ on it.) — So yeah… only applying enough pressure with my fingers on the cheap not-so-smart watch case would prevent the tearing to re-appear for like 24 or 48 hours on mine.

Anyway: if you look up a fix, you’ll find things, like using Toilet Paper as padding to apply the pressure (Youtube video)? Perhaps you’ll want to use a more noble material? (Cardboard? Tape?)

Something the video doesn’t show, but mentions, and that this blog post emphasize: be careful when removing the backplate, the vibration motor (the circular/round thing on my photo) stays glued to the backplate when opened and its cables are very short… try not pull-off the backplate suddenly or the wires will snap. But the vibration motor is easy enough to ‘unglue’ from the backplate once open (it only slightly sticks to it).

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