Notebooks on cities and clothes .2

Notebook on cities and clothes - Wim Wenders (1989) 00:14:01

I believe this photo of a young gipsy was Yohji’s favorite in the book, not simply for what he was wearing, rather for the forlorn look in his eyes and the way he’s tuck his hand into his pocket.


Notebook on cities and clothes - Wim Wenders (1989) 00:22:53

The video images even felt more accurate sometimes, as if they had a better understanding of the phenomena before the lens (…)

Les images vidéo étaient même plus justes parfois, comme si elles comprenaient mieux les phénomènes devant l’objectif (…)

(Sur la différence avec le 35mm, en rapport avec le ‘tournage’ et la mode.)

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