pixel landscapes #1

Some pixel landscapes. Some low poly, some procedural, some mockups…

Above: Proteus w/ Purgateus mod.



Above: Voyager3 procedural landscapes & mockups/research.



Above: Eidolon.



SOLID 3D: the future of games? ▰ From article “Solid Stuff,” ACE (Advanced•Computer•Entertainment) ☯87NOV
/via wwwtxt



Above: http://narwolf.tumblr.com/post/13427448844



Above: https://twitter.com/TeamRuah


Above: Prisoned


Above: skippingstonesgame.com


Above: shapeoftheworldgame.com


Above: Biome.




Above: Strangethink works


Above: los_santos.obj


Above: ktch0.tumblr.com


Above: Tale of the ~Tildebeest


Above: seaofsolitude.com


Above: skudfisher.tumblr.com


(Next: Procedural cities? Procedural planets? Procedural galaxies?)

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