Some links #2

Trailer of a new movie by Dave McKean, soon available on DVD. MirrorMask wasn’t perfect, but given Dave McKean graphics abilities I’m really looking forward to this one.

The photography of Chris Marker:


Photos of ANTI BODY by Gazelle Twin.

The mistery of the creepiest television hack.  #MaxHeadroom

data rustlers, reptilian brains, & other visionaries, on Neuromancer, 1992

Octopus City Blues, the authentic Octopus City simulation has now a demo.

JPOP and (fluo’ed) Tetsuo aesthetics (music video/clip)

Aeryx Project trailer, Unity3D and Oculus Rift /www

Gravesend is a suburb east of London, hosting on its own eastern edge something of a secondary suburb: a mysterious town on the edge of town that turns out not to be a town at all. #BLDBLG

William Gibson has no idea how the future will see us. Maybe now’s the time to pre-order The Peripheral?

Laura Poitras on the Crypto Tools That Made Her Snowden Film Possible / Looking forward to see Citizenfour.

A new generation of invisible tracker has replaced the traditional internet cookie

Alien: Isolation has the best woman protagonist since … ‘Alien’

How video games fund arms manufacters

Setting up a Raspberry Pi to run bots and Twitter bots in Python


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