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Have you ever driven alone late at night?
Found yourself thinking thoughts you’d never have anywhere else?
Weird music playing on the radio?

Glitchhikers is about that experience.

Every drive is a journey.
Every thought a conversation.
What do you see when you look out at the night sky?

// Loved it. Superb ambiance. Bought the soundtrack to support the devs. Listened to the soundtrack a hundred times.
Great little game.

Prisoned is a short narrative adventure about depression and the struggle of loneliness. You explore the story of Judy and try to find a way out of her depression.

Prisoned is in early alpha stage and this is only a demo. But I hope you still enjoy it. You can download it for free or name your own price!

// Interesting little demo, i hope for a full version.

“Rituals is the second demo release from Somewhere (the first was Fictions), a surreal first person exploration, stealth and puzzle game with branching pathways, where you have the ability to step into books and also possess other characters.

Rituals is a surreal and rather confusing place to be, you’re never totally sure what exactly you’re supposed to be doing, but it’s great fun experimenting and working things out.  The ability to possess characters has been done in other games, but the way that each character perceives the world a differently is a truly unique and interesting.  Also, you have the ability to step into books – seamlessly transporting you to different areas (and times) is very cool, and pleasantly disorientating.”


Bookmarked/i played/to play/:

Infinite, intimate #Borges

Mouse Corp.

Dust City



Abstract Ritual by Strangethink

Die Saben Raben



(J’en oublie certains.)


Killscreendaily, Alien: Isolation might do the impossible: make Alien scary again

Gamasutra, Amnesia’s sanity meter

A comprehensive history of low-poly art, part 1, part 2, part 3

Sometimes I wish more games were just vertical slices

BLDGBLOG: British Country Generator #procgen

Some of gaming’s greatest heroes are mentally ill, and that’s a great thing #Alice #TheLastOfUs

Hypertext and destiny: This Twine could be your life

Electric Sky by Strangethink #procgen

Leigh Alexander Lo-Fi Let’s Play: Neuromancer

30 years later, one man is still trying to fix video games

Where literature and gaming collide

To come/projects:

A Cyberpunk city by Strangethink, youtube #procgen

Shape of The World

Skipping Stone

Obs #beautiful

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