The Sky Above…

The sky above the data center was the color of a broken virtual reality simulation.



There was this DungeonThing 3D project in development with JMonkey Engine, and I thought i could maybe make a tiny rough stripped down version of it in Raycasting. Some sort of not-even-a-prototype. I wanted to work on it during the last four days of the #Glitchjam. But i couldn’t.

I took a little time after the jam to make something simple, my kinda late entry for the jam. It’s a tiny tiny game. Or maybe not a real game. Maybe a notgame. It’s kinda like a roguelike, but without permadeath, not even death. Nor ennemies. But there are bugs and visual glitches. Also a basic debug mode.

It’s a first rough release, like i would have done if i had worked on it during the last days of the #glitchjam. Maybe it could be developed later beyond this first version.


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