somecubes visualization on music by Access to Arasaka

I made a little visualization yesterday, audio reactive Processing thing on a tune by the genius Access to Arasaka. The song is Axiom.

The video is not great, because it lagged while recording and the compression dirtied all the transparency stuff. Better download the app is you can to see it like it should be seen.

MacOSX / Win32 / Win64 / Linux32 / Linux64

Warning: some kind of flashing lights

somecubes0.2 from praticingforhell on Vimeo.

Maybe I should have made the rotations go slower… anyway it’ still far from one visualization I’d like to make one day, i had the thing in mind for a while now, but I still don’t really know how to proceed to code something… some design I have in mind.

Some wip screenshots:

Sometimes I have the feeling people don’t like cubes as much as I do.

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