Minecraft “Spigot” server on a Raspberry Pi

[(bad) english alert]

I had already tried out bukkit and MCServer (c++ Minecraft alternative server) a while ago, on the Pi. The previous time I tried out MCServer there was only some sort of creative mode available, I read there are now mobs and (basic?) redstone… I don’t know exactly what are the features for now and it’s still being developped anyway. I wanted to try it out again but the build I got was crashing… It will be worth giving it another go again in the future I think.

But I found out this Spigot server, which is an optimized modded bukkit. I ran a little ‘stress’ test for 5 players for a while on the 512mb Pi, and it was working quite (very?) well with 5 players. (Distance-view at 7, max build height at 128 and 356ram allocated for the JAR) So hey… that’s a good solution for a tiny server for friends on a Raspberry Pi.
I might want to host some sort of specific (maybe “themed”?) minecraft server as a side-sever of Jellyfish. Except there’s not a lot of players on Jellyfish.. well most of the time there’s only ZERO players online. So what uses could have a side-server? Dunno, but I’d like to try to find some ways of getting interested in Minecraft again..

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