So… Hello, I should be posting here from now on instead of my tumblr. As I’ve pretty much failed to update things here regularly.. Here’s a quick rundown of some things.


On the music-side, here’s some (usually, for ever) work in progress and tiny bits of sounds from what I made those last months:

 (2012/07/24) – still (things) – [updated 07/29]

2012/07/30 [quick compo] “Wasteland Wonderland”

a quick and plain draft from a day when I somehow tried to push things called keys or something like that, that was the 20120909

and a thing from (not totally) yesterday, that may be not… not… ermm… well. it’s thing, I made it and don’t really feel forced to listen to it. (it’s short anyway.)

(I should mention that the provider of awesome free softsynths, TAL, has released a new one, as a largely an  improved U-NO(-LX) VSTi. Oh, there, I did mention it.)


Yesterday and the day before I made some pixels but I won’t post anything just now.

Oh wait, some of them, yes, let’s…

meant to be *big* pixels

That “dark man” was an old sprite I went back to, worked again, remade some pics, made others and I was finally not really happy with it. First, the walk loop is not terrific as you can guess from his side-views. I tried something… not entirely happy. So I decided to try to learn from some a SD/chibi style and started one that is, I admit (i have to) mostly cut and paste, that is: copied from existing pixels.

That screenshot was a work in progress posted yesterday afternoon on twitter, the sprite has been modified, and as I’m not happy with it yet , and want to make it more personal of course I’ll modify it some more. (this sprite is linked to a Yume Nikki fangame and I think i’ll make a post soon(-er or later) on some of them I really find interesting and do not strictly copy-paste the Yume Nikki style but add some puzzles and/or adventures, outsides not-in-dreams and dialogues etc to the original Yume Nikki mix, while retaining an interesting atmosphere and still focusing on the exploration.)


(This is all tangled up with some ideas and work in progress tiles/tilesets and background/s to get a certain look, but I won’t post any screenshot on that… too much w.i.p. as in trial and error and I’m not sure about anything yet.) // btw, if you have an idea of a simple color scheme that could go with the colour of her hair, I’d be happy to hear you. 😉 (tricky thing is i should avoid if possible blacks/near black and white/near white and I’m not good with colors, but oh well, maybe I’ll learn.

On the photo side of things… oh well, there’re photos on flickr. I mean I posted photos of my flickr account. So go there if you wanna see something.

I could add more, but I’ll just shut up as I can never predict what’s going to be made and what’s going to fall in oblivion. (But most of the time, it’s just everything that falls into oblivion.)

To Be continued.

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