quick devlog post retrieved from a tumblr post of 23 May 2012 + update

Started this yesterday – current version 0.0.4 – scrolling, player can move, jump (and jump over the enemies), fall, get bonus cup of lifes (+1 life ; bonus = cup of red thing), there’s basic collision with ennemies, player loses one life when meeting an enemy, the first type of enemy (“squid”) spawns every X seconds/frames. TODO next: first class of “bullets”, first weapon will be a bomb for Prinny, planted or thrown. Then later adding the other types of ennemies. And things, other things, way later.

There will be some cleaning / resizing / etc of sprites to do, also.

[28 may 2012:

now actually on version 0.0.7, hoping for a 0.1 soon to be able to let one or two people beginning to test and report on gameplay and maybe help me for balance and future ideas.

0.0.7 has collision the player ability to drop bombs, bombs explosions & collision between bombs exploding and player and ennemies, a second (loose) type of ennemy (several other sprites wait for being added, and then tweaked for different type of ennemies possibilities), semi place holder blue laser sprites needing animation in place of the red blocks below acting as a death trap than opens and closes every five seconds and can kill everyone who fall on it, new sprite for Squid being grilled on the laser death trap and one killed sprite for the second ennemy, a little basic skull. added a Pause state, and a pause screen when you lose a new life before starting a new round, a very basic game over static screen. Next thing to do, continue and finish the spawning & managing of bonus items/etc… and a lot of under the hood things (better animation management, OO/ classes organization etc).]

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