failed Paranoia Agent “fanart”

For a thread in the Mad Movies forum, on a tribute to Satoshi Kon topic, I tried to do my first fanart, and I kinda, err well, I failed it… I would have wanted to make something that would honor Paranoia Agent, I disappointed myself by dashing off the whole thing. Oh well, I’ll try to do another one, this time I’ll try to take my time, not to rush like that first one, avoid drawing bugs also, finish the painting (even I still don’t know how to a digital painting, I should try to stick to a somewhat cell-shading style – and anyway it takes practice), and I’ll wait for my scanner to have a good sketch base, as I’m just able to dash the drawing off with my Wacom graphic tablet as I never handled it well enough for drawing, and I don’t have the patience for now to try to be better at it when I do I can do better on a page of paper.


Experimenting in AudioMulch with Audiodamage Axon, Discord, and Reaktor.


It starts out young – you try not to be different just to survive – you try to be just like everyone else – anonymity becomes reflexive – and then one day you wake up and you’ve *become* all those other people – the others – the something you aren’t. And you wonder if you can ever be what you really *are*. Or you wonder if it’s too late to find out.

— Douglas Coupland,  Microserfs

sketchlog #5

An experiment I did yesterday in photoshop after trying out some brushes to try to do a ‘digital painting’… (still far from the beginning of a satisfying result..).

sketchlog – day 3

extremely quick sketch, oh.. i’m taking less and less time to draw something. good or bad ?

draft for a maybe illustration, well, at least, *I’ll try* something on the ‘puter based on this sketch.

sketchlog day 2 & 3

I might *need* to read some tutorials on digital painting……..

Salliss / photo ref from a suicide girl photo set

quick and dirty line art over a quick sketch i cropped… i need to learn patience and take more time to draw…. photos don’t move.