For now, the late log off tumblr blog backup is hosted there as static files.

This old backup of the tumblr blog has several issues, the videos posts, posts containing one image or several. They won’t be fixed.

Instance of a good recent language / “Tech”: Markdown.

It’s still useful when used for writing on paper is what i mean.

“on World Meteorological Day — nine years after the classification was first submitted — the World Meteorological Organization finally recognized Pretor-Pinney’s clouds in the updated version of the International Cloud Atlas, though the name has been tweaked to “asperitas.” They’re the first new addition to the Atlas in over half a century.

Pretor-Pinney described the formations as “localized waves in the cloud base, either smooth or dappled with smaller features, sometimes descending into sharp points, as if viewing a roughened sea surface from below. Varying levels of illumination and thickness of cloud can lead to dramatic visual effects.” Asperitas clouds tend to be low-lying, and are caused by weather fronts that create undulating waves in the atmosphere.”


Expo de 2013 (il me semble) sur la photographie Japonaise de l’après-guerre à la galerie du Château d’eau, dans “Art Actuel.” (photos des deux pages de l’article.) — Shomei Tomatsu, Shoji Ueda, Eikoh Hosoe, etc, etc.

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