one of the very few sketches I did from models from a little while ago.. this one seems not  too bad next to the others on the same page. (:

some old sketches that I like, from around 2003 I guess (but I’m not really sure) before I stopped drawing, and the only ones from my old sketchbooks that I have scanned..


se remettre à dessiner. doucement. travailler ses lacunes. s’amuser à dessinant. ne pas être trop critique. ne pas se planter le crayon dans un oeil. persévérer malgré les échecs. renouer avec une vielle passion…

videogames cares

What caught my attention lately?

1. American McGee’s Alice 2: first pictures and teaser – I’m really thrilled:

2. Scott Pilgrim vs The World : the game, comic con 2010 trailer.
I can’t wait for this game, coming a bit later on the XBLA tho than the PSN, but I’ll surely buy it on the release day.

That game came out on the XBLA recently, awesome black&white looking game. Has good reviews everywhere.


Some pics of things that are some weeks old, I’m still looking for other pics, or screenshots that i don’t know where they are.. might update this short post later. Not that there’s anything really worth being seen.

So, just a sketch of the head of a girl. I’ve done another version of it, began colorizing it… but nothing great and, it was not finished anyway.

Screenshot with Visual Studio (XNA/C# inside) and a game-work-in-progress i worked on a few hours on it, looks like Bomberman i guess, but heh, I ripped off the blocks from one of the SNES Bombermans just for prototyping purposes.. I wanted to do some sort of Alternative gameplay Bomberman, a Bomberman meet another game/concept. I hope I’ll be able to work on it again at some point.

Two pics of the first tests with Panda3D (3D engine) in C++, model (untextured here) by Glass with a 5-seconds-tweaked shader.

When I’ll find the Unity3D screenshots, I’m gonna post them..