I learned some more Unity3D scripting…

Made a fractal-cube thing to learn [Unity3D Web Plugin required — it’s just a tiny tiny thing, a kind of Hello World].

Then (actually, before the other thing…) I built a mesh and deformed it using Noise, with 2 lines of Shader for the colors.







Capture d’écran 2015-03-12 à 22.49.32

pixel landscapes #1

Some pixel landscapes. Some low poly, some procedural, some mockups…

Above: Proteus w/ Purgateus mod.



Above: Voyager3 procedural landscapes & mockups/research.



Above: Eidolon.



SOLID 3D: the future of games? ▰ From article “Solid Stuff,” ACE (Advanced•Computer•Entertainment) ☯87NOV
/via wwwtxt



Above: http://narwolf.tumblr.com/post/13427448844



Above: https://twitter.com/TeamRuah


Above: Prisoned


Above: skippingstonesgame.com


Above: shapeoftheworldgame.com


Above: Biome.




Above: Strangethink works


Above: los_santos.obj


Above: ktch0.tumblr.com


Above: Tale of the ~Tildebeest


Above: seaofsolitude.com


Above: skudfisher.tumblr.com


(Next: Procedural cities? Procedural planets? Procedural galaxies?)

Some links #2

Trailer of a new movie by Dave McKean, soon available on DVD. MirrorMask wasn’t perfect, but given Dave McKean graphics abilities I’m really looking forward to this one.

The photography of Chris Marker:


Photos of ANTI BODY by Gazelle Twin.

The mistery of the creepiest television hack.  #MaxHeadroom

data rustlers, reptilian brains, & other visionaries, on Neuromancer, 1992

Octopus City Blues, the authentic Octopus City simulation has now a demo.

JPOP and (fluo’ed) Tetsuo aesthetics (music video/clip)

Aeryx Project trailer, Unity3D and Oculus Rift /www

Gravesend is a suburb east of London, hosting on its own eastern edge something of a secondary suburb: a mysterious town on the edge of town that turns out not to be a town at all. #BLDBLG

William Gibson has no idea how the future will see us. Maybe now’s the time to pre-order The Peripheral?

Laura Poitras on the Crypto Tools That Made Her Snowden Film Possible / Looking forward to see Citizenfour.

A new generation of invisible tracker has replaced the traditional internet cookie

Alien: Isolation has the best woman protagonist since … ‘Alien’

How video games fund arms manufacters

Setting up a Raspberry Pi to run bots and Twitter bots in Python


Une représentation à l’asile

Mais, bien sûr, il n’est pas bon de se lamenter, de se plaindre ou d’élever des protestations auxquelles personne ne fait attention et qui peuvent même, pour tout ce que je sais, être finalement utilisés contre moi et à mon désavantage.


Avec n’importe qui d’autre, j’avais dû être réservée et soupçonneuse, me souvenant du proverbe: “Le silence est un ami qui ne trahit jamais personne.” Car comment pourrais-je savoir si la personne à qui je parle n’est pas un ennemi, ou peut-être en relation avec mes accusateurs ou avec ceux qui vont ultérieurement décider de mon destin ?


J’en arrivais à penser à que si je ne sortais pas de ce cercle vicieux, j’allais devenir folle, que j’allais crier, que j’allais commettre un acte de violence éhonté dans la rue. Mais le fait de savoir que les lois de mon tempérament m’interdiraient ne serait-ce qu’un soulagement de cet ordre, que j’étais inexorablement emprisonnée dans ma détermination à ne laisser paraître aucune émotion était pire que tout.


Extraits de quelques courtes nouvelles d’Asylum Piece de Anna Kavan, relues ce soir, rapidement…
Hormis ça, elle évoque et invoque Kafka de manière assez intéressante dans un certain nombre de nouvelles de ce recueil.

Some games, links, bookmarks, #1

Have you ever driven alone late at night?
Found yourself thinking thoughts you’d never have anywhere else?
Weird music playing on the radio?

Glitchhikers is about that experience.

Every drive is a journey.
Every thought a conversation.
What do you see when you look out at the night sky?

// Loved it. Superb ambiance. Bought the soundtrack to support the devs. Listened to the soundtrack a hundred times.
Great little game.

Prisoned is a short narrative adventure about depression and the struggle of loneliness. You explore the story of Judy and try to find a way out of her depression.

Prisoned is in early alpha stage and this is only a demo. But I hope you still enjoy it. You can download it for free or name your own price!

// Interesting little demo, i hope for a full version.

“Rituals is the second demo release from Somewhere (the first was Fictions), a surreal first person exploration, stealth and puzzle game with branching pathways, where you have the ability to step into books and also possess other characters.

Rituals is a surreal and rather confusing place to be, you’re never totally sure what exactly you’re supposed to be doing, but it’s great fun experimenting and working things out.  The ability to possess characters has been done in other games, but the way that each character perceives the world a differently is a truly unique and interesting.  Also, you have the ability to step into books – seamlessly transporting you to different areas (and times) is very cool, and pleasantly disorientating.”


Bookmarked/i played/to play/:

Infinite, intimate #Borges

Mouse Corp.

Dust City



Abstract Ritual by Strangethink

Die Saben Raben



(J’en oublie certains.)


Killscreendaily, Alien: Isolation might do the impossible: make Alien scary again

Gamasutra, Amnesia’s sanity meter

A comprehensive history of low-poly art, part 1, part 2, part 3

Sometimes I wish more games were just vertical slices

BLDGBLOG: British Country Generator #procgen

Some of gaming’s greatest heroes are mentally ill, and that’s a great thing #Alice #TheLastOfUs

Hypertext and destiny: This Twine could be your life

Electric Sky by Strangethink #procgen

Leigh Alexander Lo-Fi Let’s Play: Neuromancer

30 years later, one man is still trying to fix video games

Where literature and gaming collide

To come/projects:

A Cyberpunk city by Strangethink, youtube #procgen

Shape of The World

Skipping Stone

Obs #beautiful

/* Next posts: pixel landscapes. */

Italo Calvino, I


IF ON ARRIVING at Trude I had not read the city’s name written in big letters, I would have thought I was landing at the same airport from which I had taken off. The suburbs they drove me through were no different from the others, with the same little greenish and yellowish houses. Following the same signs we swung around the same flower beds in the same squares. The downtown streets displayed goods, packages, signs that had not changed at all. This was the first time I had come to Trude, but I already knew the hotel where I happened to be lodged; I had already heard and spoken my dialogues with the buyers and sellers of hardware; I had ended other days identically, looking through the same goblets at the same swaying navels.

Why come to Trude? I asked myself. And I already wanted to leave.

“You can resume your flight whenever you like,” they said to me, “but you will arrive at another Trude, absolutely the same, detail by detail. The world is covered by a sole Trude which does not begin and does not end. Only the name of the airport changes.

— Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino


Irene is a name for a city in the distance, and if you approach, it changes. For those who pass it without entering, the city is one thing; it is another for those who are trapped by it and never leave. There is the city where you arrive for the first time; and there is another city which you leave never to return. Each deserves a different name; perhaps I have already spoken of Irene under other names; perhaps I have spoken only of Irene.

— Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino


I mean that from a pure and simple state of lack nothing can be born, nothing good and nothing bad, only other lacks including finally the lack of life, a condition notoriously neither good nor bad.

— Italo Calvino, t zero


But when you can do nothing because of the lack of an outside world, the only doing you can allow yourself with the scant means at your disposal is that special kind of doing that is saying.

— Italo Calvino, t zero