Everything that is wrong with…

Well…. Everything.


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“At it’s worst Theodore Roosevelt was rumored to have described camouflage as ‘a form of effeminate cowardice, a mere defensive strategy that all but announced an unmanly desire to hide instead of fight’ (Elias, Ann. Camouflage and its Impact on Australia in WWII: An Art Historian’s Perspective. Salus Journal. Vol 4, No. 1. 2016.). Throughout WWI and WWII the idea that camouflage was somehow unmanly was quickly overshadowed by the catastrophic losses of war.”

“SkyLift is a low-cost device for geolocation spoofing. It uses a small WiFi microcontroller (ESP8266) to replay WiFi signals used for geolocation services allowing a smartphone user to virtually appear nearly anywhere in the world. For this residency I’ve released the code and instructions to build your own device at https://github.com/adamhrv/skylift.

The first version of SkyLift (V0.1) was created in the summer of 2016 in collaboration with Surya Mattu for !Mediengruppe Bitnik’s exhibition “Welcome to Ecuador!” at Zoo Galerie in Nantes. The concept was to virtually relocate visitors inside !Mediengruppe Bitnik’s recreation of Julian Assange’s room in Nantes to his real location at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. This first prototype used a Raspberry Pi and software called mdk3 (a beacon frame generator) to emulate the WiFi infrastructure at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.”

— https://schloss-post.com/the-future-of-living-with-surveillance/

(I rewatched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and (as unrelated as it is) i still enjoyed it way more than Your Name…)


Something about the mood/music of this episode… And Kyoto?

(FR/EN subtitles as usual)

I remember listening to some 2009-2013 EPs by Emika, I remember I liked  “After the fall” & “Drop The Other“. And i  don’t remember if i liked the 2011 album, and it’s possible i had skipped the 2013 one. I haven’t kept up after that. Just noticed the 2013 “DVA” album contains “Yet Another Wicked Game Cover.

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