(some) links ~2016nov/dec

Programmer, artist, and maker-of-wonderful-esoterica Andi McClure shares insights on games, woodland creatures, and collaborating with Corrypt developer Michael Brough.

  •  Airchat (github)

    AirChat is a zero-dependency* P2P CLI chat tool that (ab)uses the AirDrop interface to allow chatting across WiFi networks (or no WiFi network).

  • matrix.org

    “Matrix is an open standard for decentralised communication, providing simple HTTP APIs and open source reference implementations for securely distributing and persisting JSON over an open federation of servers.”

“The Unix-Haters Handbook is a semi-humorous edited compilation of messages to the Unix-Haters mailing list. The book was edited by Simson Garfinkel, Daniel Weise and Steven Strassmann and published in 1994.” (wikipedia.)


// This was a(nother) huge waste of time, better automate it next time, or never do it again.


Some links #2

Trailer of a new movie by Dave McKean, soon available on DVD. MirrorMask wasn’t perfect, but given Dave McKean graphics abilities I’m really looking forward to this one.

The photography of Chris Marker:


Photos of ANTI BODY by Gazelle Twin.

The mistery of the creepiest television hack.  #MaxHeadroom

data rustlers, reptilian brains, & other visionaries, on Neuromancer, 1992

Octopus City Blues, the authentic Octopus City simulation has now a demo.

JPOP and (fluo’ed) Tetsuo aesthetics (music video/clip)

Aeryx Project trailer, Unity3D and Oculus Rift /www

Gravesend is a suburb east of London, hosting on its own eastern edge something of a secondary suburb: a mysterious town on the edge of town that turns out not to be a town at all. #BLDBLG

William Gibson has no idea how the future will see us. Maybe now’s the time to pre-order The Peripheral?

Laura Poitras on the Crypto Tools That Made Her Snowden Film Possible / Looking forward to see Citizenfour.

A new generation of invisible tracker has replaced the traditional internet cookie

Alien: Isolation has the best woman protagonist since … ‘Alien’

How video games fund arms manufacters

Setting up a Raspberry Pi to run bots and Twitter bots in Python