some old sketches that I like, from around 2003 I guess (but I’m not really sure) before I stopped drawing, and the only ones from my old sketchbooks that I have scanned..

videogames cares

What grabbed my attention lately?

1. American McGee’s Alice 2: first pictures and teaser – I’m really thrilled:

2. Scott Pilgrim vs The World : the game, comic con 2010 trailer.
I can’t wait for this game, coming a bit later on the XBLA tho than the PSN, but I’ll surely buy it on the release day.

That game came out on the XBLA recently, awesome black&white looking game. Has good reviews everywhere.


Some pics of things that are some weeks old, I’m still looking for other pics, or screenshots that i don’t know where they are.. might update this short post later. Not that there’s anything really worth being seen.

So, just a sketch of the head of a girl. I’ve done another version of it, began colorizing it… but nothing great and, it was not finished anyway.

Screenshot with Visual Studio (XNA/C# inside) and a game-work-in-progress i worked on a few hours on it, looks like Bomberman i guess, but heh, I ripped off the blocks from one of the SNES Bombermans just for prototyping purposes.. I wanted to do some sort of Alternative gameplay Bomberman, a Bomberman meet another game/concept. I hope I’ll be able to work on it again at some point.

Two pics of the first tests with Panda3D (3D engine) in C++, model (untextured here) by Glass with a 5-seconds-tweaked shader.

When I’ll find the Unity3D screenshots, I’m gonna post them..